Solid Edge in Action: A Demonstration


A solution that is easy-to-use and easy-to-learn.

Solid Edge: The Complete Portfolio of Product Development

Solid Edge is more than just a CAD tool with rich design solutions. It also offers simulation, manufacturing and design management.

This webinar offers an introduction to Solid Edge, where you’ll get a “first look” tour of this unique and dynamic application. You’ll look at a real-life customer who uses Solid Edge to design products that can move heavy loads easily.

There will be examples of the power of Synchronous Technology, with in-depth looks at part design, part drawing, data reuse, assembly design, assembly drawing and simulation.

Who should register for this webinar?

  • Any CAD user or manager looking to streamline their designs and maximize design time.
  • Any mechanical engineer that wants to learn more about CAD.
  • Any IT person that recommends CAD solutions.

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