Solid Edge: Disabling Mass Units in Parts List

Solid Edge: Disabling Mass Units in Parts List

In this week’s PROLIM PLM Tip of the Week we will show how easily you can disable the mass units in the Parts List column.

1) After placing the initial Parts List, open up the Parts List Properties and go to the Columns Tab.

2) Then add the Mass properties to your columns using the Add Column button:


3)  The added Mass column will include units by default in the Parts list:


4)  With the Mass column selected look at the Property text near the bottom of the window:


5) Here you will change the property text to %{Mass (Item)/NU|G} as shown below:


6) Hit Apply and you will notice that the Mass column will no longer include mass units:


7) This information as well as similar formatting codes can be found in the Solid Edge Help at the link below:


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