Solid Edge file extension changes to .tmp file due to network connectivity

Here is a complex network issue, and the steps taken in order to troubleshoot:
User opens Solid Edge file (status available
from a network location)
22)      After working on the file ( in this case user
creates a flat pattern on the draft file and gets this error “The drawing view
couldn’t be created possibly due to geometry errors in the model”)
First recommendation is to go back to the
part/asm model and run geometry inspector on the model
Also the file extension in this test case
changed from .dft to .tmp
Save/Save as option greyed out. File status
changed to read only
We had to exit out of Solid Edge
Browse to the .tmp file location and change the
extension from .tmp to .dft
Here are the screen shots that were used to troubleshoot this
Navjot Gill
Applications Engineer

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