Solid Edge – How to Add in Draft Spell Checker

1) Requirements – need Microsoft Word on the same machine as Solid Edge V19 or later (MS Word does not have to be open)

2) Go to C:Program FilesSolid Edge ST5CustomDraft Spell Checker

3) You have two bin folders called Office 2007 and Office 2010

4) Open the folder that corresponds to your version of office and then inside the folder will be Draft Spell Checker.exe. Make sure you have your draft file open.

5) The spell checker can also be added to your quick access toolbar. To do this, inside of your draft go to the customize pull-down and select the customize option as shown.

6) Inside the Customize pane, in the “choose commands from:” pull-down select Macros. And on the quick access tab select the Draft Spell Checker.exe
7) Once the Draft Spell Checker.exe is selected click the add button.
8) Now once you save you will notice the spell checker option appears on the toolbar.

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