Solid Edge – How to Use Engineering Point Data

Solid Edge – How to Use Engineering Point Data

Solid Edge Tip of the Week – May 9, 2014

How do you use engineering point data from tools like Mathcad or Matlab in the form of an .xls file to generate a 2D/3D Curve in Solid Edge?
Solid Edge has a command “Curve by Table”:

You can use this command to generate a curve from point data. The input required by this command is an Excel spreadsheet containing point data.
This is an example of the excel file with co-ordinates of the points. Please note your Columns A, B and C correspond to the X, Y and Z co-ordinates of the points. In this example, I want a 2D Curve in an X-Y plane. That is why the C column is all zeros.

The excel file I used to create the sketch has around 10,000 point data:


Resulting 2D curve:


Navjot Gill
Application Engineering Team

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