On Demand Webinar
Presenter: Aaron Creech
2020/11/19 11:00:00

Solid Edge Model-Based Definition

Brief Summary of Webinar:

This webinar will cover an in-depth look at V221.0 (Solid Edge 2021)’s new manufacturing enhancements, presented by Aaron Creech. We will be exploring new features and improvements to 2D Nesting, CAM PRO & Additive MFG.

The following workflow will be reviewed and demonstrated

  • Reduce design time and need for traditional 2D drawings
  • Quicker MFG documentation
  • Clearer MFG communications
  • Manage engineering documentation with suppliers
  • Improve supplier response time
  • Reduce scrap and rework


Presenter - Aaron Creech

Aaron has over 20 years of experience in the design engineering field, including work in the Mechanical, Environmental, Architectural & Automotive industries.

Aaron’s design experience has ranged from concept design, product development all the way through to production procurement (including MFG processing and refinement). Extensive experience using various 3D design packages

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