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Presenter: Pratik Korgaonkar

Solid Edge – Motion 2022

Brief Summary of Webinar:

In this Webinar, Pratik will look at the Trends and challenges that are facing design engineers today and how Solid Edge Simulation helps meet these challenges. And he will take a look at how Siemens is responding to the challenges with the capabilities that exist today in Solid Edge Simulation. Pratik will take you through an Overview of Solid Edge Simulation capabilities, business value, and a case study.


Trends and challenges facing design engineers today
How Solid Edge Simulation helps meet these challenges
Siemens Digital Innovation Platform and Solid Edge Portfolio

Solid Edge Simulation

  • Capabilities
  • Product Demonstration
  • Value proposition
  • Case studies


Pratik Korgaonkar

Presenter - Pratik Korgaonkar

He is a Solid Edge Application Engineer at PROLIM. He recently graduated Michigan Technological University with a Master of Science degree with MS, Design, FEA and manufacturing.

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