Solid Edge – Placing Text on Curved Surfaces

Solid Edge – Placing Text on Curved Surfaces

Solid Edge Tip of the Week – June 5, 2015

In this week’s PROLIM PLM Tip of the Week we show how to create a Text Profile that will match a part’s curve. This is a common question within Technical Support.

1) Before creating the text profile that you would like to place on a part you must first create a sketch of the curve that the text will follow:


2) Now in Synchronous, go to the Sketching tab and the Insert group to create the text you wish to place. Once you begin a sketch in Ordered, the Text profile button can be found in the Tools tab and Insert group:


3) Once you have created the text, click OK and hover over the sketch you’ve made. You will notice that the text will jump and follow the path of your sketch:


4) You can change the location of the text on the curve by modifying the anchor of the text. This can be found in the Text toolbar:


I hope you found this tip useful!

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