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Solid Edge ST10 : Take Your Product Development to the Next Level

In our latest Snackbyte video, PROLIM application engineer, Ben Weisenberger, walks us through how the ST10 portfolio can help you take product development to another level.

Solid Edge is much more than just a CAD tool, as we recently touched on in our post 10 Reasons Solid Edge is Better Than SolidWorks. But what makes it so dynamic? Can software built around CAD really be a product development tool?

1. Design Made Easy

The design technology available with Solid Edge is one of a kind:

  • Use generative design to auto reduce the amount of material needed to make your part, while still maintaining strength requirements.
  • Choose how you want to design: use Synchronous Technology with history-free modeling, or use history-based modeling. This is an important feature of ST10: you have options.
  • Synchronous Technology also allows you to use components from other CAD systems in Solid Edge as if they were native SE files.
  • Scan a 3D part, load it, and use reverse engineering tools to build geometry and edit it inside Solid Edge.

2. Solid Edge Flow Simulation

Solid Edge ST10 has integrated computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with FloEFD, allowing for easy, accurate and fast fluid flow and heat transfer simulation. It front loads your simulation so you can analyze it during the design process.

3. Manufacturing

CAM Express integrates directly with Solid Edge—keeping your CAD and CAM processes connected.

4. Technical Publications

You can create all of your instructional illustrations and manuals directly within your drawing when using Solid Edge’s Technical Publications add-on.

Even cooler, when you update any part of your component in Solid Edge, the associative updates will occur in your publication.

5. Data Management

In our previous Snackbyte, we examined how Teamcenter and Solid Edge can work together seamlessly (in a Solid Edge environment) to allow engineers to quickly and easily access CAD data.

Everyday tasks are much easier in Solid Edge. You have direct access to organized and updated files, without having to leave the Solid Edge interface.

6. Solid Edge Portal

The Solid Edge Portal is a brand-new, secure environment where you can load and share your files with others. This makes it easy for anyone with access to view all types of Solid Edge components in a browser.

The Portal is still currently in beta testing, but you can check it out for yourself!

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