Solid Edge Product Planning Survey

Solid Edge Product Planning Survey

solid edge product development survey
PROLIM PLM is excited to pass along the Solid Edge Product Planning Survey. This survey is put together by the Solid Edge Planning team to help plan future releases of Solid Edge and help you Design Better.   Dan Staples, Director of Solid Edge Product Development, says the survey is to “…ensure we are prioritizing things in the way that makes the most sense for the most people.”
PROLIM PLM encourages all users to contribute to this
survey. Your experience as a user is very important to the Solid Edge Planning Team and is extremely valuable whether you are a seasoned Solid Edge user or just beginning to use the product.
PROLIM PLM and The Solid Edge Development Team encourage you
to participate in this survey. Please share it with other Solid Edge Users and let’s all help Solid Edge continue to bring you the features and functions that you desire.
Take your Survey here:

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