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Solid Edge – QuickPick and Radial Menu Timers

Solid Edge – QuickPick and Radial Menu Timers

Solid Edge Tip of the Week – April 28, 2014
QuickPick is a very useful tool that provides the user a list of possible mouse pointer selections in a list window. One trick I really like to use for QuickPick is to turn down the wait time timer, making QuickPick expose faster.
By default the timer is set at 700. I find setting the timer to 200 makes my use of QuickPick a more intentional and planned aspect of designing in Solid Edge and aids in speeding up my design process:


The Radial Menu also has a timer setting.  To access the Radial Menu setting, go to the Solid Edge Application Button > Solid Edge Options > Helpers Tab:


Scroll down to the Radial Menus options. From here you can edit the wait time (Show Radial Menu after) and also the Drag Distance it takes to invoke the gesture based activation of the Radial Menu:


We encourage you to “play with” the edit of these settings to find the best values for you. You may find that for you too sensitive of a setting might cause undesired activation but inversely too lengthy of a wait might cause you not to use some of these very helpful features. Find a happy balance to get the most from these tools.


Matt Johnson
Application Engineer

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