Solid Edge – Recognizing Holes and Hole Patterns

Solid Edge Tip of the Week – June 20, 2014

In part modeling, holes can be modeled with circular cutouts and conical cutouts. This is a sufficient modeling technique for some situations, but not all. Also, when working with imported files (part copy), holes are generally represented by circular and conical faces. In many cases, the need may arise where all the holes on the imported geometry need to be represented as hole features for downstream applications and to more accurately capture design intent.

The Recognize Holes command can be used to do this and to replace the found circular and conical faces with hole features. The command is available in the part, sheet metal, and assembly environments.
You can either select a single design body to detect hole candidates, or you can also select a single face to detect all hole candidates.

Click Here to watch this short demonstration recognizing holes and hole patterns.

Ben Weisenberger
Application Engineer

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