Solid Edge Sheet Metal – Whitepaper


An intelligent process-specific sheet metal environment is available through Siemens Digital Industries Software’s Solid Edge® suite. Solid Edge Sheet Metal is the industry’s most advanced sheet metal solution. This white paper describes how you can leverage Solid Edge with synchronous technology and Solid Edge Sheet Metal to speed design time and streamline manufacturing.

What you get from this white paper

Before we take a close look at how Solid Edge approaches sheet metal design, let’s first understand what engineers struggle with when choosing a 3D system for sheet metal design.

  • Most traditional 3D CAD systems are history-based systems that require special commands and workflows to create even simple parts. Typically, users need specialized training, which can result in downtime during adoption.
  • Some productive modeling methods in 2D simply can’t be duplicated in traditional 3D. This forces new users to learn steps that are less efficient.
  • Designers don’t have access to design validation tools while designing sheet metal components. This can lead to unmanufacturable parts or parts that break design rules (sensors and analysis).

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