Solid Edge – Something Missing in Path Finder

Solid Edge – Something Missing in Path Finder

Recently, we had an issue where the customer received a stp file, translated it into Solid Edge but then was unable to find the mass the of part.

This is because the part needed to be made the base feature, but it would not display in the Path Finder.  This is how we fixed his issue but it is applicable in many other ways.

1. Right Click on Ordered.

2. The Click Ordered PathFinder Display.

3. Toggle on any of the things found. In this specific instance we needed to toggle on construction to see the Part copy.

Obviously, this could be used if you are unable to see Planes, sketches, Coordinate Systems, or Reference Axes.

In some situations it is common for users to toggle these off as they do not want to clutter there PathFinder with some of these things they deem unnecessary.

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