Solid Edge ST10 Announced!

We are happy to share that Solid Edge ST10 has officially been announced!

The Solid Edge ST10 portfolio of products from Siemens brings every aspect of your product development to the next level. It provides:

  • The very latest in next generation design technologies
  • Fully integrated flow analysis
  • The newest tools for 3D printing
  • More options for creating technical publications
  • Perfect control of design data at any scale
  • A brand new way to collaborate securely on the cloud

Solid Edge ST10 offers a ton of new benefits and features that will make your design process that much more efficient:


  • Seamlessly work with mesh models alongside traditional 3D data without time-consuming conversions
  • Minimize mass and material usage using automatic topology optimization
  • Interact naturally through free hand pen sketching; break the mouse barrier
  • Accelerate work within large assemblies
  • Print 3D designs on local devices or submit them to a global network of 3D printing services
  • Perform fluid flow and heat transfer analyses to optimize product performance and reliability
  • Publish effective technical illustrations and manuals directly from Solid Edge models
  • Built-in Solid Edge data management is even easier to install and even more productive
  • Wider support for part classification, working offline and engineering-to-order processes when working with Teamcenter
  • Collaborate easily with suppliers and customers using cloud-based vaulting, viewing and markup


  • Next-generation modeling tools allow easy addition of features to scanned models
  • Generative design tools enable the modeling of complex, organic shapes
  • Reverse engineering tools reduce rework on imported and scanned models
  • Cloning speeds duplication of frequently-used components within a product assembly
  • Dedicated 3D printing interface features dynamic preview with associated topological information, with multiple export options to common formats
  • Online professional 3D printing services are available directly from Solid Edge
  • Solid Edge Flow Simulation delivers embedded CFD to a wide range of users
  • Find the data you need faster – including associated draft files and latest revisions
  • Support for part classification, off-line working and assigning Solid Edge files to existing items in Teamcenter
  • Solid Edge Portal for cloud-based collaboration around multi-CAD data

For a detailed overview of the core features and updates – convergent modeling, generative design, reverse engineering, synchronous modeling, assembly, manufacturing, drafting, simulation, technical publications, built-in data management, Teamcenter integration, and the portal – check out Siemens PLM Solid Edge ST10 post.

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