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Solid Edge ST6 Has Arrived!

Solid Edge ST6 Has Arrived!

Solid Edge ST6 has just been released, which
will help you Design Better products, complete projects quicker and minimize
costs.  ST6 features:
– Advances in assembly, stylized surfacing and sheet metal design expand the breadth of 3D models
– Automated design optimization helps minimize material use and product weight
while improving part fit and function

Solid Edge for SharePoint provides advanced, visual design management tools
implemented on existing IT infrastructure

– New bulk migration tool facilitates adoption of synchronous technology for
existing competitive data

Solid Edge ST6 satisfies over
1,300 customer requests, confirming its position as the industry leading design solution.  The new release includes:
– Efficient assembly modeling
– Stamped metal part design
– Expanded tools for stylized surfacing
– World-class
drafting and faster design optimization
Solid Edge ST6 provides seamless
transition from competitive systems by promoting the re-use of much of the Inherent
Intelligent model data.


Solid Edge ST6 allows you to:-Maximize product efficiencies
-Take product development to a new level
-Reduce costs
“The enhancements in Solid Edge ST6 Drafting will be a great time saver. I can see significant productivity improvements with the ability to snap balloons to an alignment line or bounding box.  One of the biggest time savers in Solid Edge ST6 might be the ability to auto-arrange 2D detailing dimensions that were retrieved from the 3D model.”– David Iverson – Drafting Checker – Ariel Corporation
Tim Larsen
Marketing Manager

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