Solid Edge ST6 – Maintenance Pack 3 Announcement

Solid Edge ST6 – Maintenance Pack 3 Announcement

ST6 Maintenance Packs can be downloaded from:…olid_edge/ST6/

After downloading the Maintenance Pack to your machine, unbundle the zip file and then dbl click on exe to install the Maintenance Pack.

To initiate your subscription, navigate to: for the
web interface.

Or send an e-mail message (message and subject line should be blank) to:

This Maintenance Pack addresses the following PRs:

PR 6952126: Replace all on alternate components from automation fails to
replace all
PR 2226134: Req. for sample code to Control the mesh & contour display
through SE API
PR 6959176: Stack corruption when calling AddSimplifyEnclose with more than one
PR 2227984: In test case for PR#2171379 fixed in ST4, the error occurs in ST6
PR 6938187: Publish to GrabCAD – error uploading FOA
PR 6938983: Server busy error when saving from the GrabCAD upload dialog
PR 6935212: Added GetMatrix API to Sketch and Profile
PR 6940547: Crash on calling OrderedGeometry API present on Sketch Profile in
Part Document
PR 6941052: a crash when calling CopySurfacePtr->GetName() API

PR 2224165: Defensive fixes for crashes reported by customer
PR 6952137: Replace Part command resulting in incorrect
display/locate/highlight while in-place active in a subassembly
PR 6953362: Wireframe shows through in XpresRoute ONLY from frame creation
PR 6958580: some bad property data was causing assemblies to be perpetually
PR 1956935: Simplified Assembly Model initializing as ordered rather than
PR 2225795: SE not allowing changing material of Part if part file is modified
PR 6953840: Update Links is not updating.
PR 6936068: Solid Edge crashes when highlighting in a section view
PR 1960814: Added compatibility for NX 9.0 and SE ST6
PR 2228413: Solid Works bulk migration not working
Note: SolidWorks Data Migration users require a separate maintenance pack to
take advantage of features
provided by ST 6 MP3.

PR 1957933: Selecting callout saved setting after smart select results in crash
PR 6950656: Changing a dimension view Values/Formulas/Names is delayed at ASM
PR 6948493: Incorrect export of Mechanical Symbols from Draft Callouts
PR 1957529: Etch constructions were not shown in a drawing view with assembly
features turned off
PR 6937501: Fill not appearing on OLE cut and paste
PR 6954350: crash when smartmouse hovers over bspline
PR 6957060: Shading does not update correctly in ST6, MP2

Part/Profile/Sheet Metal
PR 1956410: Loft Command Extent Options cause Abort in ST6 MP1
PR 6952014: Error creating a 2nd body while IPA; eventually leads to SE crash
PR 6952582: Invalid memory access
PR 1955449: pattern of parts on synchronous holes is wrong
PR 1958269: Paste is very slow
PR 1959828: crash when editing a line
PR 6954491: Mesh dialog is clipped off right side at larger display settings

PR 6840744: Where Used does not find DFT file
PR 6880776: Insight: FOP members are not listed as linked files in the LCA
PR 1933721: “Free Text” search problem with option “Search for
results in subfolders”

Solid Edge SP, Server, Standalone Client, Solid Edge Client
PR 6906056: Leftover transaction- LHS column values are incorrect after
retrieving the data
PR 6866436: WF on Project, ECO, and ECR fail if traverse on and link that does
not exist
PR 6868521: ECO reports Review, Approve, and Released columns not populated
PR 6907884: Checked out part is released on executing non traverse workflow.
PR 6950567: Quick Links > Select part numbering, select other link, error
message displayed
PR 1951059: On server with South African locale format COTS workflows are not
PR 6940204: Add 2 SESP Unacceptably slow during dry run
PR 6942477: Send email in Else branch causes error in workflow
PR 6943605: Add 2 SESP fails by writing invalid GUIDs, causing numerous other
failures in SE
PR 6951800: “Improve SE Draft Handling in ‘Open In Viewer’ Cmd” to be
back ported in ST6 MP
PR 6957972: Performance issues when Property Synchronize preferences = FALSE
PR 6958580: The geometric version for some files has somehow been overwritten
PR 6948224: Unable to import the new file if file is under the related document
PR 1952968: Slow memory growth/leak on multiple open close operations
PR 2228315: Unable to view data with special user account
PR 6932685: Can’t access objects created by a login that was removed from site
PR 6957334: Rev.Title and Rev.Desc values not updated in Revise action
PR 6957919: First Cart created is placed outside the host username folder
PR 6959718: SE SP-EC: Where Used do not work after Revise action
PR 6963498: SESP Structure Editor: Revise action on part sets Revise action on
its assembly
PR 6963529: Checked out part: WF of partial enforce rule, Rev Status remains In
ProgressSolid Edge Embedded Client
PR 6935232: Perform Restart- File menus are accessible & busy cursor is not
shown to user
PR 6905419: While working on leftover transaction, user cannot edit the
retrieved data
PR 6909705: Wrong Item ID is assigned to added draft file for divide part
PR 6933633: User is unable to work on leftover files for this workflow
PR 6936838: Required mapped property is not shown in RHS for fresh .psm import
PR 1957613: Revision field button naming rules does not display valid naming
PR 6874493: Opening a large assembly is not honoring File Open settings
PR 6954019: SEEC CPD does not show Smart Codes when preference is true
PR 6955816: LHS and RHS are not correctly locked together
PR 1955168: Not able to Revise Item Revisions with MS Office Datasets
PR 1957254: Problem with building Structures in Solid Edge
PR 6934016: ‘New’ TC action is set for suspended files while re-importing to TC
PR 6939465: Some mapped properties are not synchronized correctly during ATT
PR 6955907: Structure displayed incorrectly
PR 6955945: DFT files that reference multi 3D files do not pass Doc # to Item
ID correctly
PR 6938073: SESE crash changing Regions Rule in current opened assembly
PR 1959260: Save As of an existing Part or Assembly is not possible in German
PR 6937604: Saving SE asm with NX driven reference destroys the BOM
PR 6937684: Search in Tc Parts Library then D and D does not invoke MultiCAD
PR 6938043: Exiting- Save As-Some mapped properties values are not updated
after import
PR 6957439: AtTi crashes while expanding the unmanaged BOM of the Motorcycle
PR 6958135: Add to Teamcenter Interactive aborts with shortcut command
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Application Engineer

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