Solid Edge ST8 Available for Download

Solid Edge ST8 Available for Download

Download ST8 now and design without boundaries!

PROLIM PLM wants to ensure that you know that Solid Edge ST8 is now available for download.

You may receive your software on a delivered DVD or you can download it at



Click HERE to learn about the exciting new benefits of ST8 and more.

A WebKey Account will be required to download software from the GTAC website. To create your WebKey account you will need your Sold-To/Install number and your WebKey Access Code. Both are listed above.

Visit https://www2.industrysoftware.automation.siemens.com/webkey/
Select “Create Account” and follow the prompts.

Installation and Licensing Instructions:

To Install and license your Solid Edge product, review the appropriate version of the “Solid Edge STx Installation and Licensing” guide found on the Documentation website for Solid Edge:

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