On-Demand Webinar
Presenter: Raviraj R

Solid Edge : Surface Modeling Overview

Brief Summary of Webinar:


Solid Edge contains intuitive tools for complex shape construction, a must for designers of ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing consumer products. In this training, we will learn about what is surfacing and why do we need to use it?

Who Should Attend?

It is for Designers & CAM Engineers engaged in Sheetmetal Industry and following can attend:

  • Design Engineers
  • Design Managers


Post the session, the participants will be able to:

  • Know what is surface Modelling
  • Know how to create and edit curves
  • Learn about tools to create and manipulate the surface
  • Learn about tools for Inspecting curves and surfaces


Presenter - Raviraj R

He is an experienced engineer in various Job roles in the Engineering Industries. He comes with good Solid Edge experience. Apart from Solid Edge experience he also has experience in production, quality & tooling process CAD/CAM tools and has a very good understanding of the various process in manufacturing.

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