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Solid Edge-Unit Precision

Here at PROLIM PLM we find that questions regarding unit precision are frequently asked by our customers. The brief instructions below will provide an example of changing unit precision on dimensions as well as in various tables.

 Unit Precision

  1. You are able to select individual dimensions and change them by the drop-down shown below in the floating toolbar.

2. To change the unit precision of multiple dimensions in a few simple steps Go to the Styles Button in the View tab. (This button can also be found in the Dimension group under the Home tab.)

3. Next, in the styles menu drop down the List menu in the top right and change it to styles in use. Then, click the modify button.


4. In the Modifying Dimension Style menu select the Units Tab. Here, in the Linear group you will be able to change the unit precision for all of the Dimensions in the Draft.

5. To change the unit precision on a table you go to the Application button and the File Properties. In the units tab you will be able to globally change the unit precision in the table.

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