Solid Edge University 2014 – Save The Date

Siemens PLM Software recently announced that Atlanta, Georgia will be the location of Solid Edge University 2014.  From May 12-14th, the Solid Edge user community will once again gather with planners, developers, and support engineers to learn more about Solid Edge’s capabilities.





Solid Edge University is enjoyable, but it is also an integral part of improving businesses, both large and small.  Some justification for traveling to Atlanta for #SEU14 include:

  • You will improve the rate of innovation in your development process, as Solid Edge University provides exposure to new technologies allowing more innovation.
  • When you participate in hands-on training sessions on existing and advanced new features inside Solid Edge, it will make you more productive in completing designing projects quicker and with fewer resources.
  • They will allow you to provide input on the new product features to improve product quality and reduce manufacturing issues to continue to focus on you as the users’ specific needs.
  • You get to network with hundreds of other Solid Edge users from near and far to expand and enhance your partnerships with various customers and suppliers.

Scott Christensen, of Summit Tool Design, says: “I attended the very first National Solid Edge User Group meeting in Chicago in 1997 and also several others in the years that have followed. Even presenting several Hands-On sessions for a couple of years. Every time I attend, I learn and share ways to improve productivity with Solid Edge. A trip to the user group also offers the opportunity to talk directly to the software planners and developers and present workflow problems and make enhancement requests. I’m a small business owner. Time away from the office means lost hours and revenue. The time and dollars invested to meet and learn from the Solid Edge community is easily justified.”

Rick Mason, Director at Masco Design Services states: ” I have been earning my living using Solid Edge for 16 years, during which time I have attended several Summit conferences, Beta testing sessions etc. in the US. There is simply nothing like getting together with other dedicated Solid Edge users and meeting with planners, developers and support engineers ‘up close & personal’ to show them what you are doing with their software, learning how to use it better and putting your point across with regard to improvements which will help you do your job better.  The quality of work I produce today is the best I have ever achieved, largely due to the improvements in Solid Edge that I and other Users have helped to instigate, test & refine. If we sit on our butts and just complain that: a) we don’t understand properly how the software works, or b) something is buggy & doesn’t work right, or c) the features we really need are missing … not much will ever improve. If Siemens are willing to host an event to help improve our knowledge & skills and also gather feedback about how we use their product & what needs improving – just try to keep me away!”

Tim Larsen
Marketing Manager


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