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Benefits of Using the SolidWorks Data Migration Tool

Most CAD companies use the “File Open” method for working with non-CAD data. Solid Edge can open up data from a lot of different systems, including SolidWorks, STRC, ProE, Inventor, Catia and AutoCAD. There are drawbacks to this method, however, which is why we recommend using the SolidWorks Data Migration Tool.

To recap the video, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using the SolidWorks Data Migration Tool.

1. Drawing Migration

If you look at the drawing of an assembly, you can see all the views, balloons and bill of materials migrated into Solid Edge.

2. Subassemblies & Assembled Relationships

The “Assembly Relationship Manager” is a summary of all the assembly relationships within a particular assembly.

Within the Manager, you can modify each one of the relationships—all of which came straight from the SolidWorks files. If you select parts from the “Pathfinder,” you’ll notice that all of the parts have relationships within the assembly.

3. Rearrange Drawing Views

You can drag any view around within a drawing, and all the views will stay aligned, as they should.

4. Hole Features

With the SolidWorks Data Migration Tool, all the hole features will migrate specifically as holes. This means that any hole can then be selected and changed in Solid Edge.

5. Material & Property Migration

Materials and custom properties also migrate from SolidWorks to Solid Edge. Because of this, there’s no reason to change any sketches if you want to make an edit—you can simply drag faces of parts or enter a value.

6. Fully Associated Files

Because part and drawing files are fully associated, any drawing files will update whenever you make edits to the corresponding part file. There’s no need to go back and double up on work.

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