On-Demand Webinar
Presenter: Jim Brown & Christopher Merz

Solve Digital Transformation Gaps with Low-code Applications

Brief Summary of Webinar:

The road for manufacturers to achieve full digitalization is rugged, and there are many gaps to bridge. How can you navigate the challenges in a way that will evolve with current and future needs?

You need agility to drive down IT backlog and streamline application development; you need faster time to market to support dynamic, evolving business needs; and you need to increase collaboration to break down silos. Then, you need to ACT.

Join this webinar and learn the results of a recent Tech-Clarity research study on how manufacturers accelerate digital transformation with low-code applications.

You will learn:

  • The importance of digital transformation to business strategy.
  • The impact of digitalization on existing applications.
  • Which transformation initiatives generate the most gaps.
  • Common challenges developing apps.
  • The benefits of a low-code development approach
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Agility, speed, and collaboration can help fill the gaps left by digital transformation.

Low-code Digital transformation

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