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Integrate shape and metadata to locate corresponding components.

The ability to identify similar components based solely on their shape is a potent tool. It allows you to discover whether your colleagues are in the process of designing, producing, or procuring parts that bear resemblance to those you are currently engaged with.

Uncertain about the name of the desired component?

Try shape-based searching!

By searching according to shape, you can locate components at any time, especially when you’re uncertain about their names.

Shape-based searching enables you to discover all parts resembling the one you’re interested in. This comprehensive collection serves as a gateway to aggregating data that might otherwise be challenging to access.

For all parts like this one:

  • What are the prices?
  • Where is the stock located?
  • Which machine tools are used in their manufacture?
  • Which of my products use these so I can consolidate and establish a best practice?

Teamcenter has consistently offered metadata filtering for refining shape search outcomes. Now, this filtering feature is conveniently accessible within the same dialog as the shape similarity and size controls. This enhancement enables you to effortlessly discover all analogous plastic fasteners within a single window.

In the accompanying video, you can observe how, by initiating a shape-based search using the “left” model, we locate the corresponding “right” component. Subsequently, as we peruse the results list further, we identify both the left and right variants of related parts. To zero in on our preferred item, we harness the power of metadata filtering.

The takeaways from this article are not just how we make it easier to find parts. It is also an illustration of the integration of Teamcenter with NX.

Learn more about Geolus Shape Search.

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