Streamline and Integrate E-CAD Management within your PLM environment

In today’s digital marketplace, a tremendous amount of information is created in electronic product design. Organizations are challenged to manage this information because of the inefficiencies in the product development process. These challenges include:

  • Controlling electronic design information
  • Facilitating design collaboration
  • Enabling concurrent engineering
  • Leveraging consistent electronic component throughout the enterprise

To meet these challenges, leading global companies are improving their product development processes to more efficiently manage cross-domain design information (ECAD, mCAD, SW, FW, etc.) and the associated work processes within their PLM infrastructures.

ECAD – Prototyping to Production, a Seamless Experience

ECAD (electronic computer aided design) and EDA (electronic design automation) have emerged as an important discipline in many product development organizations.

A tight integration of ECAD to other enterprise apps within their PLM infrastructure offers a competitive edge to companies looking to improve the quality and competitiveness of their product development process. 

The integration helps: 

  • Accelerate product development
  • Improve product quality
  • Reduce design cycle time
  • Reduce cost to manufacture
  • Better manage engineering changes
  • Provide an audit trail for workflow and project sign off

PROLIM PLM Disciplines and Process for Smooth Execution

PROLIM helps integrate product data throughout the entire product lifecycle, ranging from conception, design, manufacture, operation and devolution. We offer an intelligent approach to the migration of the PLM and PDM data to include:

  • Data management – For global and multiple ECAD systems workflow for smooth process traceability, repeatability, view ability, and efficiencies
  • Change management – Manage all change requests, valuations, plans, and orders to a product or system ensuring easy visibility into the engineering change status through the product lifecycle.
  • Configuration management -Providing configuration identification, control, status accounting, and verification, you can automatically extract all of the electrical parts from the schematic or physical layout and combine the data with any mechanical parts
  • Compliance management – Achieve and maintain compliance with environmental, product safety, medical device, and other processes and focus on procurement from approved vendors and manufacturers.
  • Requirement Management – Aligning E-CAD design with product requirements and test and manufacturing requirements to ensure performance and quality
  • Supplier Management – Ensures enhanced collaboration with suppliers and availability and quality of the materials required to serve customers

Benefits of E-CAD Integration

  • Reduces unnecessary Errors and Delays in process
  • Increases control over critical intellectual property and also Increases engineering efficiencies
  • Increases productivity, as the team shares best practices for development and deployment
  • Increases schedule predictability for large complex projects
  • Improves collaboration within globally distributed development teams
  • Enables smooth and transparent information flow and collaboration
  • Improves organization’s ability to develop and deploy across multiple hardware and software platforms
  • Accelerates development through simplified and automated integrations

PROLIM offers Integration for market leading 2D and 3D CAD tools. Our expert teams can produce complex 3D prototypes with advanced CAD data management and laser technologies. This enable enterprises to adopt a holistic systems engineering approach for product development. This helps redefine productivity with a powerful suite of integrated CAD, CAE, and CAM solutions to improve decision making throughout every step of the product development process.

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