Synchronous Technology – Going beyond traditional modeling approaches to solve design challenges


Remember that last project? While building your model, you got a last-minute change request. As you
started making it, the model blew up. By the time you were done, you had rebuilt the model and lost half your weekend. Frustrating, right? And it wasn’t just the last project, was it? Re-using designs, working with imported data, making changes ‒ why are things we do so often still so challenging?

What you get from this white paper

In a recent study:

  • 40%of users said it is a top priority to be able to re-use existing designs

But finding and reusing existing design data was their 3rd biggest challenge

  • 99% of CAD users said they need to work with imported CAD data

1 in 10 always work with imported CAD data

  • 95%of CAD users say they sometimes receive last-minute change requests

One quarter always experience last-minute change requests

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