Teamcenter Bill of Materials Management

Teamcenter allows its users to know their product. Whether a product has 10 parts or millions of parts with thousands of configurations, Teamcenter’s BOM management makes sure every part is ready to be accessed.

Enterprises and the users of Teamcenter may have some challenges such as:

  • Single product variant
  • Mechanical domain
  • Half-dozen partners
  • Shorter lead times
  • 1000s of product variants
  • Hundreds of partners
  • Advanced configurations
  • Multiple design domains
  • Massive product size
  • Global footprint

Teamcenter BOM Management does provide some key capabilities that solve the challenges stated above.

Define and Configure:

  • Complete, accurate BOM definition
  • BOM configuration management, effectivity, etc.
  • BOM analysis

Work in Context:

  • Digital Validation
  • Context-specific data and processes
  • Flexible views of the BOM

Extend BOM Support:

  • Enterprise application integrations
  • Virtual and physical alignment
  • Leverage the BOM up and downstream

All of these capabilities lead to ultimately benefiting your enterprise. You can manage your BOM and fully know and understand your product. Users can go beyond design and engineering for greater business impact. Teamcenter BOM management also maximizes productivity for anyone who interacts with it. It even ensures accuracy and completeness for anyone who interacts with the BOM.

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