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Teamcenter Change Management

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An effective change management process for products is critical in order to be able to continually improve said products. This requires automation, as inconsistent or manual process, along with changing regulations, can make it difficult to respond to the need for new and innovative products.

Teamcenter Change Management Capabilities

With Teamcenter, you can utilize the power of PLM to optimize the change management process, realizing innovation. Teamcenter’s change management capabilities provide a clear understanding of the data, people and processes impacted by a change.

End-to-End Change Execution

Teamcenter change management helps you manage change process across every impacted domain, timeline and resource. Workflow and schedule management capabilities make it easier for you to manage complex changes. Closed-loop processes provide feedback to help optimize change processes and support a clear history for auditing and tracking.

End-to-End Execution - Teamcenter Change Management
An example of engineering change notice, with end-to-end execution.

Flexible and Configurable Change

Teamcenter change management capabilities provide an accurate understanding of a product’s change so that you can determine the type of change process you’ll need. Flexible, modular and configurable components support variations in your change processes.

Configurable Changes - Teamcenter Change Management
An example of the configurability of change management processes.

Impact Analysis and Integrated Change

Impact analysis capabilities help you understand and manage the shop of impacted data, people and processes. A simple design change that requires little cost may actually require expensive re-tooling in manufacturing—or the necessary resources may not be available for months. With a common change management solution for PLM data, you can have control of all these impacted items.

Impact Analysis - Teamcenter Change Management
An example of how change will affect different products.

Watch: Teamcenter Change Management with Active Workspace

You can see an example of the change management workflow within Teamcenter in the below video from Siemens PLM. Three separate employees, with various roles in the engineering change management process, all use Teamcenter Active Workspace to make it easier to manager their tasks.

You can learn about other features of Teamcenter on our blog, including Document Management.

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