Teamcenter: Increasing Competitive Advantage Through PLM

Daesang is a leading general foods company in Korea. It’s also grown into one of the world’s top three professional fermentation companies.

Like many general food companies, Daesang produces hundreds of different kinds of products, including different foods and food ingredients. It manages an extensive range of documents for each product and its mass production.

Daesang, however, let each division of the company—sales, marketing, research, quality assurance and production—manage their own documents.

This led to errors in the organization’s processes, especially when it came to collaborative projects.

In order to address their PDM problems and collaborative issues, Daesang began implementing in-house systems, which were short-lived.

“The need for a standardized software solution to address our ever-growing data and document requirements became obvious,” said one manager. “Moreover, we felt we could gain a competitive advantage by driving our innovation process through advanced product lifecycle management (PLM) software.”

After choosing Teamcenter for their PLM needs, Daesang used the openness of Teamcenter to integrate its own project management system into the PLM environment to realize a transparent and effective product development process.

It took only five months to build an entire PLM-based solution. Today, Daesang’s PDM system and project management systems are fully integrated, enabling single-source access to the organization’s entire product development knowledge base.

“Effectively shared data dramatically improved project coordination. Another huge advantage of Teamcenter is our ability to so easily leverage previously launched products. When we create products similar to those already produced, we can do so quickly by immediately retrieving relevant information, which greatly reduces product development time and expense. …

“Teamcenter has not only helped us to greatly enhance project coordination—a huge benefit alone—it has also resulted in our achieving a higher level of competitiveness and strong presence in the market.”

The ability to quickly access and share data across the company, and ensure that each user is working with the most up-to-date file, is an invaluable resource. Teamcenter enables standardization of work, fosters business processes and helps companies to maintain overall consistency in order to improve project coordination.

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