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Teamcenter Formula, Packaging and Brand Management

Teamcenter Formula, Packaging and Brand Management

Teamcenter provides a unique solution to managing formulated products, packaging, artwork and brand information as part of a unified PLM platform. Users will see gains in speed, productivity, cost efficiency, and compliance by unifying discrete and formulated product information with packaging and brand information.

Some of the advantage Teamcenter provides in terms of formula, packaging and brand management are:

  • Improvements in productivity by integrating formula, packaging, artwork and brand data and processes with the rest of your enterprise.
  • Drives on-time delivery by synchronizing the development and execution of your formulated and discrete products.
  • Reduces development and sourcing costs by standardizing and reusing packaging and artwork components.
  • Eliminates costly recalls by embedding requirements and regulatory information across your lifecycle processes.

Brand knowledge management, formula management, packaging and artwork management and global specification management are all part of the overall solution Teamcenter provides for its users.

Brand Knowledge Management:

  • Users can manage information about a brand, its characteristics, communications, related analyses, and assets.

Formula Management:

  • Manage complete formula information
  • Teamcenter facilitates multi-level recipe management which allows users to country, plant, and regional variations.

Packaging and Artwork Management:

  • Users can manage all packaging and artwork knowledge in a single space.
  • Packaging requirements and regulatory information can be captured and incorporated into the user’s product development process.

Global Specification Management:

  • Teamcenter enables its users to represent specifications as intelligent, configurable relationships between objects.
  • This allows users to leverage every element in a specification across the entire product and production lifecycle.

To learn more about Teamcenter, contact us at PROLIM.com. Alternatively, leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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