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Teamcenter: Improving Efficiency and Productivity

In this video, Application Engineer, Chris Merz, discusses how Teamcenter can improve your business and quickly provide a return on your investment.

To recap, let’s go over some of the main points from the video:

What Can Teamcenter Do for You?

1. Increase Efficiency by More Than 20%

How? By reclaiming “non-value added” time. This is the time that engineers and other employees are already wasting on menial, everyday tasks—such as searching through email for assignments, looking for the server for the latest file, or checking in on the status of an engineering change request.  

Since Teamcenter manages this kind of data, users can stay on task and put work towards meaningful assignments. 

2. Increase Productivity

The Teamcenter interface is designed to mimic the Microsoft Windows/Office feel so that users can become more comfortable with its use quickly and without training. Teamcenter also integrates with other major CAD softwares, as well as Microsoft Office, so that users can remain in one familiar interface while participating in a single source managed environment. 

3. Accelerate ROI

Teamcenter is designed as a scalable platform so that you can get up and running quickly with a single source of product information to optimize your resources and take advantage of the increased efficiencies and productivity. 

Why Teamcenter is the Right PDM Solution

Change is inevitable. The challenge is to understand the impact that making a change has on different types of information.  

For example, if you’re revising a part, you need to ensure that all assemblies, manufacturing information, simulations, and other documentation are updated to reflect the changes. This can lead to a complex web of interconnected information. 

Teamcenter simplifies this web so that you can quickly and easily identify the impact that changes make. With Teamcenter, you can also automate and streamline the change approval process and other workflows by allowing the software to perform some of the work automatically. 

Would you like to see a Snackbyte video tutorial about a specific functionality in NX CAD, NX CAM, Solid Edge or Teamcenter? Send us a Tweet @prolimglobal or leave a comment below! 

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