On-Demand Webinar

Join our Integrated Projects, Processes and Resources Management webinar

The following topics will be covered:

  • Ensure project management plan’s accuracy
  • Keep time, efforts, cost & quality of the project under control
  • Get real-time status of the project & identify roadblocks
  • Automate alarm raising / notification for critical events during a project’s execution
  • Understand why resource planning, deliverables, project planning and execution status should be in one integrated system

Brief Summary of Webinar:

Every product or project goes through certain processes. Each product or project manager always dreams of getting their products to market or completing their big project on-time and on-budget. Standalone project management systems are disconnected from the data, people, and processes required to execute those projects. This webinar shows how integrated projects, processes, and resources management platforms can help avoid manual reconciliation of information between multiple systems, missed delivery dates, cost overruns, and over- and underutilization of resources.



    About Presenter:

    Prabhat Kumar has a total 20 years of experience across Product Design, Tool Design & Machine Design. He is a Siemens certified PLM Practitioner. Over the years he has rich experiences in PLM / Project Management and automation of Manufacturing Processes across India and South Asia. He has provided his services to very competitive and demanding US & European Automotive OEMs, Suppliers & Machine Tool Manufacturers. He has expertise in many areas that a manufacturing organization gets involved in.

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