Teamcenter Integration for Inventor

Streamline Product Development

Part of the unique value of Teamcenter software is the ability to integrate with far more than just the Siemens’ offerings of Solid Edge and NX. This post takes a look at the capabilities of Teamcenter integration for Inventor.

Teamcenter’s integration for Inventor enables design information created in Inventor to be captured controlled and shared by your organization in a single, highly secure PLM environment with version management and access controls to ensure that the right people get the right information at the right time.

Providing a single source of product and process data, the capabilities go beyond workgroup CAD data management. The integration is optimized for scalability across a wide area network, enabling geographically distributed design centers to connect to a single database and volume server.

Extend the Value of Inventor

Teamcenter Rapid Start, a deployment option for Teamcenter, delivers a PDM environment that is focused on managing everyday tasks and processes for product development. Teamcenter Rapid Start’s preconfigured industry best-practice workflows, including design release and engineering change, ensure that processes are completed consistently and efficiently.

Active Workspace is a simple and intuitive user interface for Teamcenter that enables Inventor designers to work efficiently and effectively in a collaborative environment. The PDM environment can be extended to include non-CAD users through Active Workspace’s browser-based user interface or integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Find, Share and Re-Use Inventor Data

With the Teamcenter integration for Inventor, design teams can quickly search and access Inventor parts, assemblies and drawings to eliminate time wasted trying to find and share design information. The integration also enables your organization to eliminate unnecessary change orders by ensuring everyone is working from the latest design information.

Teamcenter integration for Inventor is a designer-centric solution that leverages existing Teamcenter rules and enables Inventor data to be incorporated into a multi-CAD environment.

The user interface is embedded in Inventor and includes:

  • A fully-featured home browser, nearly identical to the native home browser in Teamcenter.
  • Fully-embedded Active Workspace.
  • Full integration with both Ribbon and classic Inventor Menu user interfaces.
  • Teamcenter file status browser panel for reviewing PDM information and performing PDM operations on the documents in the current Inventor session.

Supported Inventor Information

Supported Inventor Documents

  • Assemblies (.iam)
  • Parts (.ipt)
  • Inventor drawing format (.idw)
  • Inventor DWG format (.dwg)
  • AutoCAD DWG format (.dwg)
  • Inventor Presentations (.ipn)

Supported Inventor Data Types

  • All standard part, assembly and drawing entities
  • Design Accelerator output
  • iParts/iAssemblies
  • Content Center Libraries
  • Company libraries
  • Frame Generator, Harness, Pipe and Tube datatypes

Supported Integration Functions

  • Control versions and revisions of Inventor assemblies, parts, drawings, and presentation files
  • Access Teamcenter from within Inventor using dedicated Home Browser or fully-embedded Active Workspace
  • Search and retrieve
  • Thumbnail view
  • Where used, where consumed
  • Check-in/check-out status
  • Save new Inventor documents to Teamcenter using Teamcenter business object rules for ID, name, revision and other attributes
  • Open Inventor assemblies using Inventor “level of detail” rules
  • Determine check-in/check-out, and ownership of all Inventor documents in an assembly
  • Clone Inventor assemblies, parts and drawings for re-use and experimentation
  • Place and rename components in an Inventor assembly
  • Automatically transfer product structure and part-drawing links directly into Teamcenter
  • Create, configure and edit assemblies using the familiar Inventor interface
  • Bi-directionally transfer properties between Inventor and Teamcenter
  • Automatically generate and save lightweight visualization JT files for Inventor parts
  • Automatically generate PDF files for Inventor parts and drawings
  • Access a wealth of PLM functionality using Active Workspace
  • Leverage intuitive user search, workflow, change management, impact analysis and more