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What does it mean to be the PLM leader?

We take Siemen’s role as the leader in PLM pretty seriously, and it’s not just a claim. Let’s prove it.

As the leader in PLM, Siemens stands out for being the preferred choice of countless customers, validated by experts, and trusted across multiple industries. Siemens’ leadership is driven by relentless innovation, making everyday products reach new heights of possibility.

Let’s just take a look at these claims one by one:

  • Preferred by customers
  • Validated by experts
  • Chosen by industries

What does it mean to be the PLM leader?

Siemens is chosen by leading companies in every industry and of every size – from small engineering and manufacturing firms to the largest OEMs that lead their industries. Siemens is committed to its customers, and they reciprocate that commitment. Proving this preference may be challenging, but ample evidence supports this claim!

Customers often select Siemens as their preferred partner or supplier. Some of our latest recognitions from GM and Northrup Grumman attest to this fact.

Perhaps even more compelling is our rating with G2!

G2, a 3rd party company, evaluates products based on customer reviews. Based on what Siemens’ customers say about us, G2 named Teamcenter the best PLM software for companies of any size. Here are just some of the survey results – you can find more details here.

Validated by experts

Siemens’ PLM leadership receives validation beyond our customers, with consistent recognition and awards from analysts, media, and academic institutions year after year. My current favorite overall ranking comes from the latest The Forrester Wave™: Product Lifecycle Management for Discrete Manufacturers, Q1 2023 report. Siemens’ Teamcenter received the highest possible scores in more criteria than any other evaluated vendor.

For a deeper dive into the details, experts have plenty to say about Siemens’ technology and PLM approach. Discover how Forrester assesses Teamcenter as a PLM industry leader and why they endorse cloud SaaS as the future of PLM.

Explore CIMdata’s commentary on our enterprise BOM strategy and Teamcenter X. Academic institutions also acknowledge Siemens as the PLM leader. Learn how Aalto University leverages Teamcenter to teach students how to master complex engineering tasks using a digital twin.

Chosen by industries

Siemens is chosen by leading companies in every industry and of every size – from small engineering and manufacturing firms to the largest OEMs that lead their industries.

Our proven solutions for industry are built on years of experience. That PLM leadership means more industries rely on Teamcenter. I think numbers might speak louder than words in this case, so here are a few to think about.


of the top global automotive OEMs


of the top aerospace and defense OEMs


of the top heavy equipment OEMs

This is only part of the story!

Did you know:

🩺 24 of the top 30 medical device companies use Siemens’ PLM and ALM solutions

🔋 60% of the world’s top battery suppliers use Teamcenter

🚘 95% of the top plug-in electric car OEMs are Teamcenter customers

🚗 75% of electric vehicle “EV startups to watch” rely on Teamcenter

💻 Teamcenter powers the only a complete edge-to-edge semiconductor lifecycle management solution

Tech industry leaders recognize Teamcenter as best-in-class

We have announced partnerships with leading technology companies, including:

  • AWS
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • SAP
  • Adobe
  • IBM

Numerous prominent figures in the tech industry are also counted among Teamcenter’s satisfied clientele!

But that’s not all – you’re probably catching on to the pattern. Our extensive and profound expertise in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) brings unparalleled value to various sectors, establishing us as the preferred partner for businesses regardless of their scale.

Teamcenter stands as the unequivocal frontrunner in the realm of PLM, spanning every industry and accommodating companies of all magnitudes. This isn’t just a casual assertion – our assertion is solidly supported by our esteemed customers, PLM professionals, and captains of the industry.

So, if you’re in search of a tried-and-true solution to streamline your journey to market with your products, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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