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Teamcenter on the Cloud to Make Smarter Decisions

The global marketplace today has become highly competitive. The industry needs to design, engineer, validate, and bring out the products of the future to the market at a competitive price.

They should compete based on:

  • Time-to-market
  •  Cost of product
  • Quality of product

But how does one do that? Product lifecycle management (PLM) helps address these challenges and offers a product development environment in which innovation thrives.

An enterprise PLM system drives product and process from concept ideation to retirement enabling your company to build the right product and build it right.  PROLIM offers Teamcenter on the Cloud, the world’s most widely used PLM system that improves productivity and controls innovation by connecting people with the process and product knowledge they need to function effectively.

Teamcenter on the Cloud enables you to:

  •  Reduce the time for searching for data, offering complete lifecycle data support
  •  Implement common processes across multiple departments
  •  Provide complete design visibility to product development, planning and shop floor users
  •  Increase the reuse of common parts and processes
  •  Improve multi-site data notification and synchronization
  • Efficiently perform reviews and management of programs and project
  •  Minimize IT support requirements

Effectively Manage Your Business

Delivered through an Infrastructure a Service (IaaS) platform, Teamcenter on the Cloud offers faster deployment, flexibility to scale infrastructure, reduce upfront capital expenditure providing ability to leverage PLM tools across the business processes.

It empowers organizations to control and analyze product information, including bills of materials (BOM), specifications for parts and customize orders online.

  • Flexible Deployment – Built on an open, future-proof architecture, Teamcenter on the Cloud offers access to enterprise-grade IT infrastructure that is in secure data centers, providing stringent security with strong safeguards to protect your privacy. You also gain deployment flexibility to scale your infrastructure up and down based on your business needs providing faster time to value and a lower cost of ownership for customers. You work with best-I-class Cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and deployment partner like PROLIM.
  • Intuitive User Experience for Faster Decisions – Using Teamcenter on the Cloud creates a web-based intuitive interface for multiple users. For the executive who needs access to accomplish specific tasks, Active Workspace provides a simple, web-based intuitive interface.
  • Maximize Productivity – Built on a future-proof architecture, Teamcenter on the Cloud helps you deliver complex products to market faster while improving productivity and streamlining global operations.
  • Centralize Resource – Being Cloud-based, resources can be centralized, freeing up your IT resources to focus on high-value processes that offer faster ROI.
  • Effectively Manage Lines of Business – Make your product lines more profitable by assessing IT services and converting to a zero-capital infrastructure by outsourcing to AWS thereby converting your capital expense into operating expense, by deploying Teamcenter on the Cloud.


In summary, by deploying Teamcenter on the Cloud you can scale up or scale down computing resources based on demand and manage your IT budgets effectively, thereby improving profitability. Want to learn more about Teamcenter on the Cloud? Please feel free to contact us for more information or check out  https://goo.gl/s0SFbW

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