Teamcenter PLM Security


Theft of intellectual property (IP) is on the rise, and it can have a negative effect on a company’s bottom line, enforcement readiness, and competitiveness.

Teamcenter Digital Rights Management (DRM) allows you to protect your intellectual property (IP) from data leakage or misuse, as well as automatically extend PLM protection to product data files downloaded from Teamcenter. It enables you to secure cooperation with your supply chain partners, remove manual security procedures that stifle collaboration, comply with regulatory requirements, and manage access to and use of product data exchange within your organization.

What you get from this white paper

Teamcenter DRM is an automated solution that encrypts files automatically before sharing them with staff, vendors, and partners. Using native applications such as NX software, JT2Go, and Solid Edge® software, approved users can open, display, and even change the protected files. Data owners have complete control over how their data is shared, accessed, and used.

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