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Teamcenter Requirements Management

Teamcenter requirements management helps its users understand each product in terms of its ever-changing customer requirements and compliance issues. This software also provides enterprises with a systematic solution for defining, capturing, engineering, managing and leveraging product requirements. This solution can even be repeated to ensure everything is done correctly.

There are multiple challenges enterprises may face when it comes to requirements management. Enterprises can have issues capturing requirements and keeping them up to date as changes are made. They may also have trouble intelligently assessing and adjusting project plans to meet requirements or even have trouble with ensuring that requirements are met from design through manufacturing and service. Enterprises can also face the challenge of assessing the impact of proposed requirements or design changes.

Teamcenter requirements management provides some key capabilities that help solve the challenges stated above.

Tie Requirements to Project Plans:

  • Participate in workflows.
  • Link requirements to tasks and resources.
  • Focus priorities and identify bottlenecks and monitor requirements status.

Link Requirements to the Lifecycle:

  • Link/re-use requirements across multiple products or configurations.
  • Continuously verify requirements.
  • Tie requirements from the beginning to the end of the lifecycle.

Capture, Share and Maintain:

  • Single secure source for sharing and maintaining requirements.
  • Microsoft Office integration.
  • Integration with IBM Rational DOORS

Assess the Impact of Changes:

  • View requirements relationships across the lifecycle.
  • Identify dependencies between requirements, design and test objects.

All of these capabilities lead to ultimately benefitting your enterprise. Teamcenter provides its users with a metrics-driven definition for determining whether the products you deliver comply with customer expectations. It also makes sure that your product lifecycle is driven by the requirements, needs, and preferences of your target markets and customer base. Overall, Teamcenter allows enterprises to avoid unexpected problems that might come up and provides a common language for understanding current business objectives.

To learn more about Teamcenter, contact us at PROLIM.com. Alternatively, leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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