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Easy Collaboration Using Solid Edge and Teamcenter in Combination

There’s a common trend in business challenges for companies involved in the healthcare industry: strict regulations and pressure from competition, in regards to quality, turnaround time and price.

For a company like Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), the largest supplier of custom nucleic acids in the United States, that pressure is immense. IDT serves academic, government and commercial researchers in biotechnology, clinical diagnostics and pharmaceutical development.

IDT develops synthetic portions of DNA and RNA for use in diagnostic tests for genetic diseases, infectious diseases, drug and treatment research, and agricultural products. IDT ships an average of 36,000 products to more than 77,000 customers worldwide. Their processes have been refined to the point where they can receive an order as late as 3 p.m. and still deliver to researchers by the next morning.

Tighter Design Control

Four years ago, IDT wanted to pursue ISO certification to ensure an appropriate and effective quality management system. This required raising design and document control standards.

While IDT had previously worked with AutoDesk products, they required a version control system for CAD and other types of files, like Office applications. They tested AutoDesk PDM options, but didn’t have a comfort level with them.

IDT was, however, interested in Solid Edge as a CAD solution with Teamcenter for PDM. Initially, IDT implemented Solid Edge Insight as a data management solution, but required more PDM capabilities, such as collaboration tools and engineering process management control.

An Active Workspace window embedded in Solid Edge. This allows for streamlined access to product and process data.

CAD-PDM Connection

IDT ultimately selected Teamcenter Rapid Start—preconfigured for rapid deployment and fast return on investment. This provided the additional functionality, plus seamless integration to Solid Edge.

The Solid Edge Embedded Client allows designers to create and modify Solid Edge documents directly in Teamcenter, offering flexibility in the design process. It also allows for easy capturing of Solid Edge data for re-use in future projects.

One key benefit of implementing Teamcenter is better information access across the company, translating into less time spent by the engineering team providing information to other stakeholders. Teamcenter allows all users to “self-serve” when it comes to information; stakeholders now have access to information and can provide input as the machines are designed.

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