Teamcenter Webinar

Migrate from Insight to Teamcenter

On-Demand Webinar: February 13 | 11 am EST

Solid Edge Insight Paves Way for Stronger PDM with Teamcenter

Support for Insight will be discontinued after Solid Edge ST11.

As an Insight customer, what should you do?
Join this webinar and learn more about the benefits of Teamcenter and how PROLIM can make your migration streamlined and simple.

Teamcenter Rapid Start is easy to implement and it will scale with your needs:

  • it provides right-sized PDM that can scale to full PLM: start out with a basic Ford, and grow it into a high-end Lexus over time (if you want to).
  • it contains pre-configured PDM capabilities that are based on industry best practices.
  • it is available on the cloud – lowering your cost of ownership and bolstering your return.

But what about Migration?

Data migration can be a headache, so PROLIM created a custom platform to cleanly migrate your Insight data, with all its attributes and revisions, into Teamcenter.

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