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Teamcenter What’s New Spring 2019

In Teamcenter’s latest release, various changes have been in order to further expedite the management of both data and requirements. With enhancements to Import/Export functions as well as Organization and Reuse improvements, Teamcenter continues to maximize its capabilities.

Improvements in Importing allow for a reduction in import time and effort, due to the user having the option to preview and verify content before it is saved to Teamcenter. Additionally, users do not need a plugin when editing requirement documents in Excel and Word.

The ease of having access to such requirements means they are easy to search the history, where-used functionality, does the data match up, etc. Allowing in-text markings, or comments gives the author the ability to use Active Workspace to edit and preview documents, and requirements before being released. This comfort level can be templatized or taken a case by case study to make sure production is streamlined from beginning to end.

During the organization and reuse improvements, there were editing requirements that had to be maintained and these were done using active workspace. This allows for the traceability to legacy data, documents, and requirements to be obtained much quicker than ever before. These traceable functions are easy to use and require the original documentation; this information will support the implementation going on and validate that the requirements are in fact, correct or met according to the specs.

The idea behind importing, exporting, the reuse of data is to cut down the document importing time. Often times employees run around aimlessly, trying to figure out where the documents are for which parts, who have approval to make changes, etc. etc. The list goes on… WHY? Using Teamcenter and Active Workspace utilizing the preview option, see both structure and text before importing. Leverage the verify and change option subtypes either manually or with a mass update. Import information faster and utilize Microsoft & Active Workspace.

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