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In the dynamic realm of the burgeoning battery industry, the race to lead is fervent, driven by governmental incentives spurring production facility development. Yet, scarce specialized manufacturing equipment hampers scaling and gigafactory establishment. Battery machine builders face this challenge amidst expansion prospects and cross-sector machinery manufacturers entering the battery market. Evolving battery tech demands adaptable machine designs, fostering the need for standardized solutions that ensure competitiveness and sustainability. Embracing flexible systems through Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software offers real-time project visibility, erasing barriers and harmonizing operations. This whitepaper explores the transformative power of cloud-based PLM, guiding battery machine builders towards a prosperous future in evolving industries.

What you get from this white paper


  • Intense Competition: The battery industry is rapidly growing due to government incentives, leading to a competitive race for market leadership and gigafactory establishment.
  • Equipment Scarcity Challenge: Specialized manufacturing equipment scarcity poses a hindrance to scaling and gigafactory development, with cross-sector manufacturers entering the battery market.
  • Cloud-Based PLM Transformation: Embracing cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software offers battery machine builders real-time project visibility, standardized solutions, and operational harmony, enabling competitiveness and sustainability in evolving industries.

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