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Teamcenter X today for PLM cloud delivery for a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that is easy to use and easy to use. As you go, you will pay, and just pay for what you need. Best of all, Siemens operates Teamcenter X for you, so when you push product growth, we do the heavy lifting. Teamcenter X provides the design teams with MCAD data management to develop, maintain and reuse MCAD systems’ native design data, including NXTM software and SolidWorks, in a single safe environment.

What you get from this white paper

The Benefits of Teamcenter X:

  • Deliver cloud SaaS PLM for instant access when working at home, the office, or remote.
  • Control, share and collaborate across multiple MCAD and ECAD
  • Accelerate product development by supporting design re-use, managing change, and speeding cycle time.
  • Eliminate the complexity, time, cost and risk of PLM installation, maintenance, and upgrades

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