Project Management

PROLIM offers the leadership skills needed to supervise the initiatives

Project Management

PROLIM project managers are very experienced in supervising large scale projects within multiple industries. We provide the leadership skills necessary to oversee your initiatives. Our approach of project management is efficient, qualitative and cost-effective.

We bring years of experience in project management related to this industry, as well as the lessons learned, to ensure that our clients’ projects are managed successfully within budget and deadlines.

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Why Project Management is important?

As projects are often complicated and include multiple stakeholders, it is important to project success to have a project manager to direct the effort and have everyone on the same page. In addition, project management found that companies that use some form of approach for project management are better at meeting budget, staying on track and meeting scope, quality standards and expected benefits.

Project Management Process

PROLIM has a proven track record of fulfilling complete work packages in project management; under which we take on a variety of project management responsibilities and provide all the necessary engineering resources required for a project/program. We have a pre-approved pool of labor covering all skill sets, including specialist design, test and inspection.

Within the aerospace sector for example, we have undertaken a number of aircraft modifications and fulfilled numerous AOG recoveries and repairs. Within the automotive sector, we are providing composite materials expertise to Formula 1 racing teams.

We can draw from our labor pool at a moment’s notice to form rapid response teams comprised of virtually any mix of skills and capabilities. We also have great access to supply chains, so the provision of materials and specialist tools can also form part of the overall solution.

Our project management and engineering service contracts have much in common with service level agreements. The full scope of the work is defined, responsibilities allocated and timeframes agreed. Performance and penalization criteria are also established. Although so much is defined, PROLIM always offers great flexibility, which, in our experience, is the only way to cope with the unexpected.

Project Management Templates

Techno-PM offers high-quality Project Management Templates and ITSM solutions. They have over 250+ templates for different phases of a project lifecycle that are ready and easy to use. Their key focus areas are Project Status Report Templates, Project Management Dashboards, Resource Plans, and Project Plans. Use proven templates trusted by over 10,000 project managers in more than 150 countries and avoid creating templates from scratch.


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