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  7. Ten Things That May Be Costing You – Electronic and Mechanical Designers Face

Ten Things That May Be Costing You – Electronic and Mechanical Designers Face


Many R&D productivity initiatives focus on speed, agility, quality, and improved new product launch (NPI) performance with lower risk, and digital transformation is at the heart of many of them. It’s crucial not to confine the conversation to a single community or industry. Consider the importance of integrated structures that serve entire companies through multiple domains (mechanical design, electronic design, engineering analysis, manufacturing, data management, product lifecycle management, enterprise resource planning, etc.).

What you get from this white paper

This white paper looks at 10 areas where electronic and mechanical designers working with printed circuit boards (PCBs) face the dysfunctional nature of their collaborative tools.

  • External and Internal copper and solder mask/silkscreen data.
  • True 3D model exchange and synchronization (pin 1 verification).
  • Full 3D Interference checking.
  • Rigid-flex objects (multiple thickness boards, stiffeners, etc.).
  • High density interconnects and miniaturization.
  • Variant exchange.
  • Design intent collaboration (ownership, frozen groups).
  • Workflow synchronization.
  • Simulation-driven design.
  • Manufacturing preparation

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