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The age of Simulation Driven Design is here

The age of simulation driven design is here. Simulation is no longer just a performance validation tool, but simulation is becoming an organic part of the development process throughout concept and design. Simulation is leading manufacturers to discover and produce new, unimagined design possibilities aided through new manufacturing processes such as additive manufacturing. Simulation is also helping designers create better, more robust designs earlier in the development process, while also speeding the overall time it takes to release a design. Ambitious and innovative companies today are using simulation to discover new design concepts as well as using simulation as an integral part of the detailed design process to get to the right design more quickly and beat their competitors to market.

Analysis groups are often operating at peak capacity, resulting in a process bottleneck, delayed development cycles and increased costs. Imagine if your design team could get immediate feedback on the performance of a part as they’re designing it. Realize how much better their design could be and how much faster they could deliver it.

This is possible today by having Simcenter 3D analysis capabilities directly integrated & associated into your NX CAD environment that’s already familiar to design engineers.

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