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Presenter: Bryan Fischer

The Check-Mate Framework


The Check-Mate framework allows for configuration and expansion providing a custom solution tailored to each company’s individual needs.

  • OOTB checks are easily configured to reflect a company’s best practices.
  •  Custom checkers can be written to identify any data condition, file structure, or geometric related.
  •  Checks can be written using NX/Open or Knowledge Fusion.
  • Results documentation and help can be customized to clearly communicate and educate users.
  •  Profile execution allows checks to be classified and executed in meaningful groups with a single click.

On Demand

Presenter - Bryan Fischer

Application Engineer with extensive experience in various CAD programs. Over 20 years’ experience working with NX and Teamcenter software. Excellent background in mechanical designs, tool design, free form modeling, GD&T and Stack Ups.

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