The Design Alliance: The Right Software

The Right Software

Now that we’ve discussed the reasons that an alliance between the electronics and mechanical disciplines are needed, it is important to look at what solutions are available. Luckily, we’ve researched and narrowed down the hard part. NX with Xpedition is a sure way to break down all of the barriers to innovation in the electronics and mechanical design space. The design alliance comes full circle when the correct software is chosen.

NX with Xpedition provides an advanced level of multi-domain collaboration that is only available in the Siemens/Mentor flow.

For Example…

Think about those fitness watches out there. Imagine all of the design and collaboration efforts that it took to make these possible. For Polar Electro they’ve found success in NX and Xpedition… and the results show. Watch how Polar Electro wins the race in creating high-quality fitness trackers, heart rate monitors for running, triathlon and cross-training and GPS-enabled cycling computers, and sports watches. All with NX and Xpedition.

Need More?

Want to see how NX and Xpedition can work together to achieve the design alliance? Take the below videos for a watch.

Dave Walker of Siemens’ Product Engineering Software provides us with a detailed look into how NX and Xpedition cross-probe with one another. Dave details the initial mechanical design, the electronic placement, how to manage electronic design changes, and finalizing the design. Please take a look at our detailed demonstration below:

Watch Video: Walkthrough of NX and Xpedition

Need Even More?

Take the consumer electronics industry for example. If we look at the creation of a hand drill for example, we can see how much the electronic and mechanical disciplines collaborate within NX and Xpedition.

Watch below for a demo on this functionality and more of NX with Xpedition.

NX and Xpedition make it easy for the engineers, just as the end product does for the consumer.

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