The Industrial Metaverse : Next-Level Automation

Once relegated to the world of science fiction, the industrial metaverse is now one step closer to (virtual) reality.

The Siemens Xcelerator digital business platform and the NVIDIA Omniverse open-world platform have forged a partnership as recently announced by Siemens and NVIDIA to advance industrial automation by utilizing AI-driven digital twin technology.

Siemens’ Xcelerator digital business platform expedites the process of digital transformation while offering a safe digital ecosystem and platform for developer cooperation. This enables them to jointly develop products and services that would be impossible for any one firm to develop independently. Users of the platform can make use of the advantages of digitization without having to worry about data theft or threats because all solutions on the platform adhere to the same high-security standards.


A cloud-based technology called NVIDIA Omniverse enables users to build scalable, real-time, photorealistic simulations. Siemens Xcelerator and NVIDIA Omniverse can be connected to enable full-fidelity, real-time visualization, and simulation for the digital twin solutions available on the Xcelerator platform. Because Omniverse offers physics-based digital twins for products, the platform’s objects behave and function exactly as they would in reality. Additionally moved to the Omniverse platform, the digital twin of production is continually improved with real-world production data gathered from Siemens IoT and edge devices.

Learn more about the partnership’s innovative capabilities and how they advance the goal of completely autonomous manufacturing in the latest column on the Lead Digital Thread, published by I-Connect007.

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