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The Proven And Defined Path for PLM Deployment

The Proven And Defined Path for PLM Deployment

PROLIM’s Teamcenter, a suite of PLM application helps in executing the widely implemented PDM (product data management) solution, in order to leverage the best practices prevalent. It’s the Rapid Start configuration of Teamcenter, which enables you to get going with PDM effectively and efficiently.

Rapid Start also caters to multi-CAD data management capabilities enabling manufacturers to effectively administer, control and share mechanical CAD data across the complete design and supply chain spectrum. This in turn enables your businesses to make more relevant decisions, finally resulting in better products.

PROLIM paves the way:

Quick and economical – enabling to mould PLM at your own pace the PROLIM way

Some of the significant features (apart from the ones mentioned above) of Rapid start along with the vintage experience of PROLIM help you scale up in product management and profitability are enlisted below:

  • Rapid Start delivers has a basic integration system with Microsoft Office and Adobe in order to widen the use of PDM to customer beyond the specificities of the engineering department.
  • Streamlining product development with optimal workflow capabilities.
  • Use pre-configured groups, which could be used to further simplify common tasks. The user interface may be customised for each user, showing only the specific menu options and applications required for their job.
  • It helps also in taking the advantage of best-in-class visualization capabilities and also collaborate design reviews with the help of JT along with other 2D and 3D file formats.

Some of the other features of Rapidstart include:

  • Intelligent part numbering
  • Designing BOM Management
  • Data exchange
  • CAD-neutral visualization
  • Translation services
  • Integration with diverse MCAD, ECAD applications, simulation and modeling tools
  • Management of software components, configuration along with calibration parameters, as well as optimisation of software to hardware, software to software, and hardware to hardware dependencies
  • Remote job submission and load balancing
  • Digital signatures for PDF
  • DITA support
  • BOM audit and accountability tools
  • Configuration management, Product variability and multi-unit configuration management
  • Program management and resource management, coupled with strategic planning
  • Budgeting, financial planning and costing

PROLIM with the inclusion of Rapidstart in its existing potent service offerings brings to the table a proven path for growing your PLM deployment, finally delivering an adjustable customer portfolio consisting of core application, organized in the most effective and efficient way to drive the business to the next level, ultimately enabling cost reduction, sustained and improved quality along with various systems engineering initiatives.

PROLIM in conjunction with Rapidstart has provided the proven path to grow your business through effective and efficient PLM deployment- isn’t it time that you follow suit!!!

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