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The Role of Visualization and VR in Teamcenter

Have you ever wondered how digitalization is enabled through PLM visualization and VR?

Immersive technologies are now something that enterprises are experimenting with more and more. According to Kasey Panetta at Gartner, “By 2020, 70% of enterprises will be experimenting with immersive technologies for consumer and enterprise use, and 25% will have deployed to production.” This means that companies are seeing the value that a platform like Teamcenter has. By seeing this, companies are taking advantage of the ability to use real-time holistic viewing.

Teamcenter is able to accelerate and improve development to get quality products to market faster. It also allows users to make informed decisions and catch issues early by performing full-function design reviews. A company will also have full access to 2D/3D design data that is essential to carrying out the entire product lifecycle. Another benefit of Teamcenter is PLM visualization which allows users to visualize and investigate their design data with ease. Users are also just 1-click away from VR when using Visualization with no data translation requirements.

Teamcenter streamlines your engineering and manufacturing processes by creating virtual prototypes from multiple mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) formats instead of building highly expensive physical prototypes to perform more specialized studies. Teamcenter is even compatible with the latest VR devices, including the HTC Vive™, Oculus Rift™, and the zSpace® device, so you can perform form, fit and function studies, and conduct design reviews, by immersing yourself in the virtual world of the product’s digital twin.

One might ask, ‘why would it be a good time to use something like VR?’ The answer is simple. You will have lower costs with support for digital prototypes, high mobility and cloud accessibility, a competitive advantage to product development, and VR can even simulate most business processes.

All of these things will allow an enterprise to cut out expensive prototypes and help them get their product to the market quicker and more efficiently. Companies are beginning to move towards integrating visualization and VR through platforms like Teamcenter to help their businesses succeed.

Join the wave and get ahead of the competition

To see how Teamcenter and VR work in action watch this short demo

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